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All Used Up
(Walter / Marc Rossi)
Uptempo bluegrassy country - vocal by Jason Sever

Always 17
(Susan Anders)
Tragic ballad with McGraw feel

Blue Movie
(Walter / Larry Wayne Clark)
Traditional country midtempo with Spanish flavor - vocal by Chris Young

Born on a Saturday Night
(Marty Rainone, Gordon Ellis)
Roadhouse tribute to the dual influence of Hank Williams and Chuck Berry

Did I Do Enough Right
(Shawn Christian / Walter)
Soul-searching country ballad a la Waylon - vocal by Trent Jeffcoat

Don't Talk Radio
(Jeff Walter)
Motown groove - vocal by Perry Danos

Don't You Think Jesus Got the Blues
(Walter / Larry Wayne Clark)
Gospel blues about the humanity of our Savior - vocal by Jared Blake

Down a Lonely Road
(Walter / Marc Rossi)
Americana with 12-string Byrds feel - vocal by Perry Coleman

Fight (For Love)
(Bill Maier)
Aching plea to take the painful but necessary steps to save a relationship - vocal by Bill Maier

Gravel and Grace
(Deborah Berwyn / Susan Smith / Carol Hashe Rainone)
Inspirational country ballad about life's travels and travails - vocal by Trent Jeffcoat

Hang Your Troubles on the Moon
(Julie Zeitlin / Rob Wolfe)
Swinging soon-to-be-big-band-standard a la Tony Bennett - vocal by Perry Danos

Hell To Pay
(Walter / Larry Wayne Clark)
A la Hank Jr. - vocal by Tony Stampley

Honkytonk Prayers
(Bill Maier)
"This ain't no church" and there'll be hell to pay when he gets home - vocal by Bill Maier

Horse Thieves and Moonshiners
(Walter / Nelda Sisk)
Americana with Bob Seger feel - vocal by Perry Danos

Horse Thieves and Moonshiners
(Walter / Nelda Sisk)
Acoustic version - vocal and guitars by Tim Thompson

I Only Have Good Days
(Julie Zeitlin / Jon Robbin)
Rocking country lesson in not letting the "little" things get you down

Jesus Christ, J.C. Penney and Johnny Cash
(Walter / Larry Wayne Clark)
Rockabilly a la early Cash - vocal by Ray Herndon

(Bill Maier)
An upbeat lesson for the steel horse set - vocal by Bill Maier

Love Ain't Rocket Science
(Walter / Marc Rossi)
Bluesy country rock - vocal by Matt Dame

Love Life
(Walter / Marc Rossi)
Groove country with a touch of Little Feat - vocal by Matt Dame

Memory Machine
(Marty Rainone / Gordon Ellis)
Good ol' country shuffle a la Ray Price

No Thanks, I'm Trying to Quit
(Marc Rossi / Walter)
Country kiss-off a la George Strait - vocal by Trent Jeffcoat

On Our Knees
(Deborah Berwyn / Deb Zemke / John Foster)
Emotional song about drunken driving, getting sober and the power of prayer. With gorgeous harmonies.

The Other Man
(Walter / Larry Wayne Clark)
Upbeat contemporary country - vocal by Paul Pace

Picture of a Man
(Walter / Dave Isaacs)
Laid-back country-rock groove - vocal (and everything else) by Dave

Saturday Night on the Factory Line
Atmospheric ballad with Mavericks-meet-Springsteen feel - vocal by Cody James

Some Things Don't Burn
(Dave Isaacs / Walter)
Driving Americana - recorded by Good Souls, with vocals by Dave Isaacs and Briana Hardyman

Stupid Money
(Marc Rossi / Walter)
Hard rocking a la Petty with country lyric - vocal by Jared Blake

Sure Could Use a Friend
(Walter / Marc Rossi)
Driving, upbeat melody with a desperately searching lyric - vocal by Jason Sever

Take the Next One Back
(Walter / Larry Wayne Clark)
Country with touch of rockabilly - vocal by Paul Pace

Edgy, hard-rocking country; CCR meets Earle - vocal by John Foster

The Whiskey and the Guitar
(Walter / Marc Rossi)
Old-school country a la Randy Travis or Keith Whitley, with a bluegrassy edge - vocal by Tom Buller

(Walter / Michael Parker)
Greasy, bluesy, swampy - vocal by Weston "Sugar" Harvey


Bring It On
(Debra Zemke / Jeff Moore)
Youthful challenge to an indecisive guy

Cheaper Than Therapy
(Walter / Deborah Berwyn)
Fun chick song with attitude about dealing with hard times without psychiatric help - vocal by Rachel Williams

Do You Know Where Your Heart Is Tonight
Plaintive bluegrass ballad - vocal by Christy Cornelius

Family Quilt
(Walter / Deborah Berwyn)
Midtempo bluegrass - vocal by Christy Cornelius

He Talks About the War (Susan Smith)
Touching tribute to a father who is now living in the past - vocal by Susan Smith

He's in Love With Another Woman
(Bobby King / Walter)
Soulful ballad - vocal by Melissa Duvall

House on Fire
(Walter / Larry Wayne Clark)
Sexy, bluesy country - vocal by Kristen Lee

I Want It All
(Debra Zemke / Jeff Moore / Mica Roberts)
Big, soulful, sexy show-stopper for a woman who knows what she wants

Kindness, Nebraska
(Walter / Queenie Mullinix)
Uplifting midtempo story song - vocal by Queenie

Life Ain't Long Enough
(Jon Robbin/Susan Smith)
"When you love someone this much..." - vocal by Susan Smith

Lose Myself
(Walter / Leroy Young)
Soaring pop country - vocal by Renee Lopez

Men Don't Ask
(Larry Wayne Clark / Natalie Tidwell / Walter)
Beautiful country ballad - vocal by Natalie

Strange But True
(Susan Anders)
A sassy declaration of independence

Take the Next One Back
(Walter / Larry Wayne Clark)
Country with touch of rockabilly -- vocal by Robyn Scott

The Good Fight
(Susan Anders / Kelleigh Bannen)
Feisty, sweet and funny ballad about learning to love each other - vocal by Kelleigh

Wanderer's Prayer
(Walter / Larry Wayne Clark)
Bluegrass gospel - vocal by Irene Kelley

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